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Baby Yuvraj

I want to give my son a lively and happy childhood and the best chance to survive and live a fulfilled long life .

My name is Sumit Kumar and I am here to raise funds for my son Yuvraj  who has been diagnosed with Stomach cancer, a rare disease .

Stomach cancer doesn’t always cause symptoms in its early stages. When they happen, symptoms might include indigestion and pain in the upper part of the belly. 

It is a life-threatening disease if left untreated.

we need funds to continue the treatment. We are unable to pay the required amount because we cannot afford such a huge amount and also All our savings have been washed away already and we’re not able to secure any more loans and the daily expenses are extremely high.

My child is in Severe Pain right now and needs urgent surgery.

Please donate with your heart so we can save my son’s life.

Regardless of how big or small a donation it is, this could go a long way in fulfilling their needs. We request all friends and well-wishers to come forward and kindly contribute Let us come together and help him for a speedy recovery!

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life. Kindness has no full stops.” Donate now!

Come forward and help us save lives and help the needy. Support us at
* Website Online Donate Now

* Paytm on 7985115875

* G Pay or Phone Pay- 7985115875

Warm Regards,