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Scoliosis is when a person’s spine twists and curves to the side. Most people do have a curved spine, but if the curve is more than 10 degrees at the spine, then the person is likely to be diagnosed with scoliosis.

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Baby Prithwijit

Imagine not being able to express your basic needs, your feelings, your frustrations and your wants. This leads to severe outburst, tantrums and physical stress, Or not to be able to walk outside without guidance as crossing the street and running away is still a struggle and now imagine hearing that your child might need care 24 hours.

My name is Jitendranath and I am here to raise funds for my 4-year -old son Prithwijit Mondal who has been diagnosed with Scoliosis, a rare disease that affects more women than men. It can affect people of any age, from babies to adults, but most often starts in children aged 10 to 15.

There are a variety of causes for scoliosis, including conditions such as cerebral palsy, Marfan syndrome and muscular dystrophy.

I want to give my son a lively and happy childhood and the best chance to not only survive but also live a fulfilled long , and normal life .

Baby Prithiwijit is 4 years only. His father’s name is Jitendranath and they belong to Village Meshara ,Kharisha ,purba, medinipur West Bengal

He requires spine surgery and post-medical treatment which is worth Rs. 6,00,000/-. Please help us raise this amount. *Please share this campaign link with as many kind-hearted people as you can on your social media.

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