Urgent Appeal: Extending a Helping Hand to Guneet for a Brightner Future

Help Guneet: A Call for Donations

“I find myself toiling as a laborer, carrying the weight of wages and concrete without feeling the true burden of the material. Instead, it is the diminishing life of my son that weighs heavily on my heart.

After six years of anticipation, my wife and I welcomed Guneet into our lives. Unfortunately, at the tender age of two, signs of blindness began to manifest in his left eye.

Today, my son grapples with a life-threatening eye cancer, robbing him of sight in one eye. As a humble laborer, I strive to ensure his well-being, but the financial strain of his treatment amounts to ₹3 lakhs.

Alone, I am incapable of gathering such a substantial sum. Therefore, I implore your assistance in granting my son a chance at life and facilitating his return home to me,” pleads the desperate father, Jitender.

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