Case Study of Baby Sandhya

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I want to give my daughter a lively and happy childhood and the best chance to survive and live a fulfilled long life .

The most heartbreaking part is when I have to leave my village behind and travel hundreds of kilometres for my daughter’s cure. But the worst part is seeing my little one go through unbearable torture every day. Her loud cries don’t let me sleep. And I am her unfortunate father, spend hours in the hospital’s corridor waiting for the day when I can finally take my Sandhya home.
Inside the walls of the AIIMS Hospital in Delhi, my 2.8year-old daughter Sandhya is fighting for her life. We can’t sleep because of our terror as her deafening cries reverberate throughout the space. In my Sandhya’s eye, a deadly malignant tumour is developing. Cancer will also permanently impair her vision and finally claim her life if it is not treated in a timely manner.
After hundreds of miles of travel and numerous testing, the specialists informed us that my Daughter had eye cancer. His life was in danger due to a cancer was developing inside in her eye.
To transport my daughter to Delhi for treatment, I sold my one and only piece of land and borrowed money from family. The physicians informed me that for Sandhya to fully recover, she would require cycles of chemotherapy along with supportive care. I had no idea what was going on. I merely requested the medical staff to eradicate my daughter’s cancer. But I had no idea that the full course of treatment would set me back lakhs.
In Bihar, we reside in a little village. In comparison to this hospital room, our entire home is much smaller. I work as a labourer and provide financial support for the family alone. There are other days when we go to bed without eating. For us, setting aside lakhs for Daughter’s medical care is like a fantasy beyond comprehension. Our only remaining hope is in you. Save my daughter, please. Donate and tell everyone you know who is kind about my daughter’s story.